Turning services. Wide range of CNC turning services of metal

Turning services

Wide range of turning services on metal using CNC machines

Turning services - is one of the methods of metal working which is aimed at obtaining parts with the necessary geometric and connecting sizes. The essence of the technological process is the mechanical removal of the metal layer from the prepared workpiece on lathes either with manual or CNC control.

We work with all types of metals and alloys including:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Stainless Steel
  • Plastic


Technical capabilities of parts manufacturing:

Milling of the parts Parameters
Maximum dimensions 250х1000х700 mm
Minimum dimensions 4х4х4 mm
Machining accuracy up to 0,005 mm

The equipment park of NC Engineering Ukraine includes:

  • 7 lathes
  • 5 turn-milling machines
  • 13 milling machines


Today, we offer to our customers the following services:

  • Serial production of the parts;
    We offer the individual discount system to our customers if they increase the volume of their orders.
  • Low volumes production and prototypes manufacturing;
  • Guarantee of compliance with all the requirements of the drawings;
    During the manufacturing process of parts, we accurately take into account all the dimensions, tolerances and conformity of the materials.
  • Accurate planning of all production processes;
  • Sharp delivery terms.


You can get the assistance and order turning services right away. You just need to get in touch with our managers and we will sharply provide you with all the information. We invite to cooperation representatives of small, medium and large businesses as well as serial manufacturers of products and mechanisms. Computer numerical control (CNC) is a method of automated control of machine operations using a microcomputer and special software embedded into the tool. It is commonly used in the manufacture of metal and plastic parts.


What are turning services?

Turning works - is very popular technology that allows manufacturing of metal parts, different in size, shape and structure, starting from small parts to complex components, in accordance with customer drawings. The choice of metalworking machine depends on the dimensions, shape, weight and complexity of the design of the machined parts.

The processing on the lathe may consist of various technological operations:

  • Cutting the part on pieces;
  • Drilling of the holes;
  • Thread cutting;
  • Machining of the grooves etc.


Simple turning processes , such as thread cutting for example, can be done on any machine. However, the mass production of the parts requires modern machines with computer numerical control (CNC turning services). NC Engineering Ukraine has the largest range of CNC machines on the Ukrainian market.


Order turning services in Ukraine - we are chosen by professionals

Company NC Engineering Ukraine takes the orders for the production of the parts of any complexity strictly following the specifications indicated on the drawings or models of our clients.

Our machine range includes 25 new, imported CNC turning and milling machines. Our highly qualified machine operators are the true professionals of their business with the average experience in the field of metal processing over 7 years.

All the stages of metal processing on the lathe are done with help of special computer programs. That allows to precisely control the manufacture of even the smallest turning parts excluding any possibility of production of the defected parts.


We are a trusted partner for companies from different fields of activity:

metallurgical and mining industry, companies that specialize on the equipment for disabled, measuring devices production, packaging and printing industries, manufacture and repair of bicycles, pharmaceutical industry, sporting goods suppliers, weapon business, food processing enterprises, manufacturers of accessories for the active leisure, medical industry, compressor equipment manufacturers, production of optical goods, ship building, oil industry, plants, factories, enterprises of the chemical industry and others.


You do not know yet where to order turning services in Ukraine with the prompt production of the high volumes and precise processing of the parts up to 0,005 mm? Production capabilities and technical specifications of our machines allows taking the orders for turning parts with the minimum and maximum part length from 2 mm to 600 mm accordingly.

We guarantee to strictly follow all the requirements of the drawings and supporting documents provided by the customer and discussed with the technical specialist of NC Engineering Ukraine. We perform turning works on metal according to customers’ orders regardless of the volume of the batches and complexity of the parts. We have everything to ensure the high quality of our products starting from the qualified machine operators ending with experienced QA department who controls the quality of the parts on each stage of their production.

Turning services is our main activity. Among other services you can also order various types of metal coating.


Turning works on CNC machines. Strict compliance with production technology is a guarantee of the high quality of parts.

Performing of turning works is quite complicated technological process which requires manual/automated control on each step of processing. Highly accurate micrometers or calibers are used as control measuring instruments.

Regardless whether the turning services are performed on brass, aluminum, steel, stainless steel or titanium, a qualitative result is possible if such requirements for the technological process are followed:

  1. The workpiece rotates at an appropriate speed according to the calculated processing mode;
  2. After one turn of the cutting tool, the largest possible metal layer is removed;
  3. The processing is done on a lathe which is in an ideal technical condition and all knots are working perfectly.

CNC turning works are divided on rough and clean services. The speed mode of cutting depends on the hardness of the part, the chosen cutter, the spindle speed and other parameters that are controlled and included in the operator's services.


Custom-made turning works – the team which you can trust.

If you order of turning services on metal in our company we will guarantee the high quality, accuracy and durability of the parts. The quality of the parts made on our lathes is fully in line with the declared prices and expectations of our customers and partners. You can place the order for metal processing using phone numbers or email addresses mentioned in the Contact Us section.